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Answers to frequently asked questions

In this section you will find answers to the questions
most frequently asked by our customers.

If you do not find the answer to your question in the list below,
please contact us,
and we will do our best to solve your problem.





1.    Why can’t I log in to www.latvijas.tv in Latvian territory?
At the moment www.latvijas.tv is not available in Latvian territory. You are informed about this in the User rules of latvijas.tv part 2.4.

2.    What can I do if I`ve missed my favourite program on Latvijas.tv?
Never fear, you have the possibility to watch selected TV broadcasts at any time, whenever it suits your needs, we have recordings for the past 30 days of all TV programs in the TV archive.

3. I won't be able to use Latvijas.tv services for a while, but I have an active package. Is there any way I can "Pause" my active broadcast package?
Yes, such a possibility exists. If you wish to temporarily "Pause" your currently active broadcast package, all you have to do is write 24 hours before the activation of the "Pause" and provide us with a full pausing term from XXXX-XX-XX to XXXX-XX-XX. After the the procedure, the active package will split into two: one for the time up to the "Pause", and the other one will become active after the "Pause" date you have provided. HOWEVER the temporary "Pause" term must not be shorter than 7 days. Every user can use "Pause" once every 30 days.
After the set "Pause" term the second package will become active automatically.

4.    I would like a new channel in Latvijas.tv, what can I do?
Send all your suggestions and requests to us and we will consider them, and if technical possibilities will allow it, we will add the requested channel into the purchasable packages content.

5.    The archive doesn`t have the full recording of my show, a part is missing, why?
On some occasions that the broadcast time changes and no longer matches the time determined in advance by the channel. Because of this, parts of a program recording might get postponed to a different time. In these cases, the beggining and the end of the program might not match the time published in the Electronic Program Guide. But this dosen’t mean that the recording is not complete or missing, it’s just slightly.

6.    What is the the timeline for the Electronic Program guide?
Latvijas.tv Electronic program guide is made in Latvian time (or Eastern European time EET).

7.    Can I download TV shows from the Latvijas.tv website?
No, there is no such possibility, you can only watch them on latvijas.tv WEB player.

8.    I haven’t found my answer, what now?
Please read all the answers to questions in other groups, if you still have questions, write to us at support and we will try to help you.



Latvijas.tv team