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User Rules

1. General concepts.

1.1. Latvijas.tv – technical solution provider to view TV channels via PC and through a variety of mobile devices.

1.2. User – a person who is registered with the website www.latvijas.tv

1.3. Website – website, registered at www.latvijas.tv

1.4. Service – a technical solution to view TV channels and its archive via PC and through a variety of mobile devices.

1.5. Terms of use – mandatory use of a legal agreement between the Latvijas.tv and the User registered with the Website.

2. General terms.

2.1. Latvijas.tv by using a number of technical solutions gives the users an access to live streaming of TV channels and programs, as well as possibility to view the archive.

2.2. This technical solution is entirely Latvijas.tv intellectual property and all rights are reserved by the copyright law and other legal standards.

2.3. The User who registers on the Website, unconditionally recognizes the rules and shall comply with all these regulations.

2.4. Latvijas.tv currently does not provide its services in Latvia, and reserves the right to block individual IP addresses, or access the Website from several other countries.

2.5. The Website and the services provided by Latvijas.tv are exclusively for personal use. The copying and/or distributing of the Website for commercial or non-commercial purposes are prohibited.

2.6. Latvijas.tv allows the User to access its Website’s user rules and is not responsible if the User did not read them. It does not relieve the User from the obligation to fully comply with the rules and regulations.

3. Payment and use of the services.

3.1. Latvijas.tv gives the User a one-time free demo package of services in order for the User to familiarize with the service quality and potential. The duration of the free demo package is listed on the Website. Latvijas.tv reserves the right to suspend the free demo package on holidays and exclusive sports and other events, and to change the length of the free demo package.

3.2. The user has the opportunity to purchase a variety of service packages from the current price list at any time, using payment methods specified on the Website.

3.3. The purchased service package is activated as soon as Latvijas.tv gets the confirmation from the financial institution of the settled funds to the payee.

3.4. The purchased service package is assigned to the User with the login information (login name (e-mail) and password) which has been used to pay for service at the time. Then the system automatically generates a unique number to the User (invoice no.) by which the system identifies the payer and assigns the appropriate service package. If the User during the registration uses multiple usernames (i.e. has multiple accounts), paying for services by direct bank transfer incorrectly, or omits to indentify payment reference, Latvijas.tv assumes no responsibility for the User’s package timely identification and activation.

3.5. If the User’s account was charged, and if Latvijas.tv for some reason can’t indentify it, the User has the right to ask Latvijas.tv to activate the service, by submitting the proof of the payment.

3.6. The User who purchased the service package, has the right to watch the Latvijas.tv through two separate devices connected at the same IP address. If the User by any way tries to bypass this limitation, or tries to share service with the others, is regarded as the violator of the rules. In such case Latvijas.tv reserves the right, without prior notice fully or partially restrict the service to such User. Latvijas.tv also reserves the right to change permitted number of devices to use the service simultaneously watching through the same IP address.

3.7. By using illegal credit cards to pay for the service, unjustified cancellation of the payment, misleading information of submission of the payment, or other similar action is seen as violation of the rules and reserves the right to such users to apply additional control measures, for all or part closure of the service, and to take action for recovery of damages.

3.8. Latvijas.tv reserves the right at any time to change its Service fees. These changes do not apply to the users of paid services until their expiry date. Latvijas.tv further reserves the right, without notice to any user at any time to change the substance of the package of services offered.

4. Rights and obligations.

4.1. Latvijas.tv by using a number of technical solutions gives the users an access to live streaming of TV channels and programs, as well as possibility to view the archive.

4.2. Latvijas.tv can not accept any liability:

  4.2.1. for the service content and form because Latvijas.tv doesn’t create the product, it only gives an access to it.

  4.2.2. for the broadcast and archive records quality, if it is related to the user’s Internet connection stability, flow adequacy, hardware quality and reliability as well as other reasons, which can not be directly influenced by Latvijas.tv.

  4.2.3. for the quality of service if it is related to the external DDOs attacks.

  4.2.4. for the partial or full service failure if it is related to the Force Majeure, that is, fire, flood, earthquake, war, governmental action, law enforcement agencies, and other circumstances, which it is not possible to predict or prevent, by any reasonable means.

4.3. Latvijas.tv assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect loss or damage incurred by the User or third parties, if this is due to the false, inaccurate or other information referred to by the user (e.g. Incorrect delivery address specified in the order, or the like.), and if this was in breach of the User Agreement terms and conditions of this obligation.

4.4. Latvijas.tv does not collect and keep any personal user data. The User while registering on the Website must only specify a valid email address and password.

4.5. The payment for the service of Latvijas.tv data security is transferred to the third parties and their websites through which financial operations are enforced and operated, Latvijas.tv can not influence their actions.

4.6. The user has the right to the Website and the use of its Services solely for personal use, without the intent to distribute or use all or part of the materials and services for compensation or without compensation.

4.7. The User has the right to participate in the Website’s loyalty programs, accumulate and use to their discretion their points, and use other Website’s provided discounts, if any provided.

4.8. The User has the right to temporarily pause the currently possessed Service package. In order to use this possibility, the term of pausing must not be shorter than 7 days. Temporary Pause of Service is only available once every 30 days. In order to use this possibility, 24 before the pause, the User must send a request via e-mail, providing his or hers username (e-mail) and the exact term of the Pause from XXXX-XX-XX to XXXX-XX-XX. After the temporary Pause of Service term is completed, the package activates again automatically.

4.9. User actions that may damage the Website or Latvijas.tv service quality, prestige, accessibility, etc. will be treated as violation of these rules. For such users Latvijas.tv reserves the right to limit or terminate service not returning the money paid for the remainder of any unused part of the service.

4.10. By registering and paying for the Service the User guarantees to have the right or power to make payments. If the user has not reached the age of consent, he must take care of obtaining the necessary permission from their parents or legal guardians, if required by the legal system of the country where the user resides.

4.11. The User has the right to refuse the service provided. In this case, payment shall be refunded for any unused service period.

4.12. Latvijas.tv reserves the right, without prior notice, to take additional measures or restrictions on users for whose actions may incur direct or indirect losses related to the quality of the services offered, Website reputation, financial loss or other inconveniences.

5. Warranty terms and conditions.

5.1. IPTV Set Top Box (Device) is designed to watch Latvijas.tv streaming Services on a television set.

5.2. Device is bundled with software developed especially to the needs of Latvijas.tv Service.

5.3. Latvijas.tv does not provide means to watch third party services via Device.

5.4. 30-day money back warranty:

  5.4.1. Device can be returned in period of 30 days after purchase.

  5.4.2. Device must be returned in full package.

  5.4.3. Device must not have any mechanical damages or other damages that can cause malfunctions (like water contact, electrical shock etc.).

  5.4.4. The costs of sending the Device are covered by the Customer.

  5.4.5. If the Device has defect not caused by improper handling, we oblige to replace with Device with the proper functioning one or to make a purchase refund.

  5.4.6. Refunds for the Device may take up to 30 days.

  5.4.7. After expiration of 30-day money back warranty the Device may only be returned in cases covered by factory warranty.

5.5. Factory warranty:

  5.5.1. Device is covered by the factory warranty for a period of 12 months.

  5.5.2. The costs of sending the Device in case of a failure covered by the warranty are paid by the Customer.

  5.5.3. Latvijas.tv covers the cost of retuning replaced or fixed Device to Customer.

  5.5.4. Device is subject to repair only strictly abiding the rules listed in the warranty card that comes with the Device.

5.6. In case of Device failure not covered by factory warranty, the device can be repaired by Latvijas.tv based on mutual agreement with the client.

5.7. Latvijas.tv is not responsible in case of clients attempt to modify the software of the Device, which may cause malfunctioning of the Device. Modification of software of the Device by the Customer will make factory warranty void.

6. Final terms.

6.1. Latvijas.tv can be contacted by e-mail [email protected] in order to send messages and requests.

6.2. These rules may be supplemented and/or replaced by additional terms without informing the users about it. Supplemented and/or amended rules shall enter into the force on the date of their publication on the Website.

6.3. Latvijas.tv always attempts to resolve any disagreements or problems by peaceful agreement. Failing to reach an amicable settlement, all disputes shall be governed by law.