We broadcast Latvian, Russian and English TV channels, live and VOD.
Here you can see all major channels live and recorded programs.

Latvijas.tv - the perfect choice

Latvijas.tv -  the perfect choice!

We broadcasting Latvia and Russia and English TV channels live and VOD. Here you can see all majors channels live or recorded programs. Latvijas.tv offers an extremaly low price. Starting from 5 EUR! Welcome back to Latvijas.tv!

Latvijas.tv broadcasts directly from your television - with the Set-top box!

Want to watch Latvijas.tv broadcasts but the computer is busy? We have an special offer for you, purchase the IPTV Set-Top Box and watch Latvijas.tv broadcasts directly from your television. The IPTV Set-Top Box makes any television with a HDMI connector a Smart-TV. Also for your convenience there is a programmable remote control, which at the same time lets you to control both devices your TV and the TV Set-Top box. Just ORDER and watch.

  Latvijas.tv broadcasts via mobile devices!

A good show is on, but you don`t have your computer with you? Not a problem - watch Latvijas.tv anyplace, anytime, through any screen! Our new player for mobile devices allows the watching of broadcasts throuh your mobile phone or tablet screen. The universal player is suitable to use with all Apple, Android, iOS devices. New player activated with this link: http://p.latvijas.tv/player/com/h5/
Latvijas.tv - expanding functionality!

Multi-room - three different devices at the same time!

By purchasing a Latvijas.tv broadcast package, you are given a right to see the broadcast on three different devices at the same time with the same internet line address (IP).


The whole month broadcasting archive!

Due to the time difference or your work missed your favorite program? Don’t worry Latvijas.tv has the entire month broadcast archive of all TV channels. Plan time accordingly to your needs and know that you won’t miss anything. After all, is always fun to see all weekly episodes of your favorite shows in one day! Latvijas.tv – up to thirty days back, any show, any time, you can see everything! Just ORDER and watch.

Slow internet - not a problem!

Not sure if you have enough internet speed for high-quality streaming of Latvijas.tv? We can assure you that it will be enough. To enjoy Latvijas.tv high-quality broadcasting should only take about 0.7 Mbps. Other similar IPTV providers require several times faster internet connection. Latvijas.tv doesn’t require any speed test. This is the best solution with a slow internet connection for high quality viewing. Just ORDER and watch.

Try it free for a week!

Still don’t have an opinion about the services we offer? REGISTER at the Latvijas.tv website and watch your favorite channels free for a week. We value your opinion and offer the opportunity to test Latvijas.tv broadcast quality and the convenience of using our services. We would like you to enjoy your favorite programs for the entire week. It’s a gift from Latvijas.tv to you. We hope that you will enjoy it and become a premium member.

At Your request - the broadcast pause!

Are you planning a vacation and won’t be using your latvijas.tv broadcast?
We are offering you a new possibility - to use a temporary service Pause. If you want to temporarily pause your broadcasts, please notice us 24 hours before, providing the service stop term - from... to... After the pause ends, the owned broadcast will activate automatically.
Plan you time more easily and use Latvijas.tv with no worries or problems.

A friendly technical support team!

Have a problem and don’t know how to solve it? Our technical team with extensive experience and knowledge is committed to provide the best technical support. You can write us any time and we will promptly answer to your email. Your problem is our concern!