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Answers to frequently asked questions

In this section you will find answers to the questions
most frequently asked by our customers.

If you do not find the answer to your question in the list below,
please contact us,
and we will do our best to solve your problem.





1.    What WEB browser is best for watching broadcasts?
Any WEB browser is suitable to watch broadcasts, we recomend:
- Firefox
- Opera
- Safari
- Chrome

2.    What internet speed is needed to decently watch broadcasts?
In order to watch standart quality broadcasts, you need an internet connection of at least 0.7 mbit/s (megabits per second).

3.    How much internet data will watching broadcasts on latvijas.tv consume?
Viewing broadcasts in standart quality downloads ~0,6mb traffic/s.
That means, that in one hour:
3600seconds x 0,6mb = 21600/8 (bits byte=8bits) Mbits = 270 Mb=0,27GB of data in one hour.
Say, you watch broadcasts for five hours:
5 x 0,27 GB = 1.35 GB of data.
All broadcasting channels consume the same amount of data, independently if it’s a live broadcast or a recording.

4.    The broadcasts seem “Laggy” and generally unstable, what can I do?
- Most of the time this issue can be avoided by trying a different browser, if you don’t have another one, you can download them from the internet for free:

- If you have the possibility, try to view broadcasts out of a different device (a different PC etc.) in order to be sure, that it’s not an internal hardware problem.
- We suggest you to do is to check your internet line speed, this can be done by downloading this file.
You can view the download speed by downloading this file and opening “Show all downloads”.
It is not necessary to download the file, only to check the download speed.
In order to watch Latvijas.tv broadcasts with standard viewing quality and comfort, the download speed should not drop lower than 100 Kb/s.
- If the download speed is higher and you still experience these problems write to us and our qualified engineers will try to help you solve all technical problems.

5.   I can’t view the broadcast that I paid for! I see a writing “Sorry, our system detected, that someone connected to latvijas.tv portal”. Why?
By purchasing a broadcast package, you are given a right to see the broadcast on 3 different devices at the same time with the same internet line address (IP). The writing means, that there are more than 3 people logged in to the same account and trying to watch the same broadcast.
In order to avoid this type of problem – please keep your account safe.
Never give out your password or any other data to other people, in order to keep others for enjoying the product you’ve paid for.
If you are not sure, that your login data are safe and you believe, that other people might be able to abuse your account, we recommend you to change your password.

6.   I’ve tried everything and I still have problems, what can I do?
Write to us and our qualified engineers will try to help you solve all technical problems.

7.   I didn’t find an answer, for my problem, what to do now?
Please read all the answers to questions in other groups, if you still have questions, write to us and we will try to help you.



Latvijas.tv team