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Payment method - more info...

Payment method 

We want to introduce to You the new payment method for our services.

It will be convenient for residents of Great Britain, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and other countries.

If you already have an online banking account, please try out the new payment method provided by PaySera.

What is PaySera?

is an European online payment system. It is a simple and convenient way to make payments for residents of different countries. You don't need a credt/debit card or PaySera account.

To make payment just use your online banking system to connect to your bank and make a transfer.


How does it work?

1. Choose the PaySera payment method. After entering the security code you will be redirected to the PaySera website.

2. Choose a country from the drop list “Payer's country”.

3. Choose the Electronic banking section from the payment options list.

4. Choose your bank from the list. When making payment from Great Britain, British Pounds will be automatically converted to Euros.

5. Connect to your bank account using your online banking credentials.

6. After transfer is complete the broadcast will be activated in matter of few minutes.


At the moment PaySera is available for the clients of many banks in following countries:


 majority banks of United Kingdom
 Netherlands   majority banks of Netherlands
 Austria  majority banks of Austria
 Belgia  banks of Belgia: Argenta, AXA, Belfius, BNP   Paribas Fortis, bpost bank, Crelan, ING, KBC
 Latvia  banks of Latvia: AB Nordea, Citadele


Some of the benefits of PaySera Online Banking system:

  • Convenient – you will get a completely filled payment notice. All you have to do is verify it.
  • Quick – Payment is verified in a few minutes period. The broadcast is activated immediately after. No need to wait for few days as in case of international bank transfer.
  • Safe – Personal data confidentiality warranty is certified by the TÜV.

Have a good time with Latvijas.tv!